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We are dedicated to improving education through teacher training, resources and support

From Continued Professional Development needs, to planning resources, our team provide practical help that has proven results improving children’s education and provision.

Shonette is recognised as bringing happiness, excitement and fun to the classroom. Her innovative ideas improve the learning experience and the pupils results.

If you are involved with education, we are here to help.

If you are outside of education we have something for you too.

Training days

Shonette delivers not to be missed keynotes and training packed with inspiration, motivation and above all Happiness!

Online Training (CPD)

Continued Professional Development with a cup of tea. We have a whole host of courses related to education and happiness that you can enjoy in your own time and from the comfort of your home or phone.

Lesson planning material

Our shop is full of free and paid planning materials and resources that will engage and energise your pupil’s learning.

Our CPD events are a not to be missed opportunity for learning and growth

(online and in-person)

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15th March 2024

Hessian on the Walls but …

This week, as I visited four different schools, and inevitably had the hessian/ brown paper and calm children discussion! At Spread the Happiness I prefer … colour displays. I understand the theory of hessian/brown paper, but children would be a... Read More
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24th January 2024

Food as a Play Resource – The Truth

I recently saw a post about using food as a play resource, lentils, chick peas, pasta, rice and things. When I read some comments I just thought ‘I’ve had enough!’. Enough of people criticising each other for doing things. I... Read More